How to use outdoor barbecue

Outdoor barbecue is easy to prepare yourself. The most important are three things: food, stove, charcoal fire. Barbecue leg and meat, oil and other supplies must be purchased at a trusted restaurant or supermarket. Stoves and dumplings can be rented from the grill. Charcoal can be purchased from a large supermarket or farmer’s market. Wet wipes and small fans must be brought on, chili, cumin, honey and other spices can be carried with the right amount of flavor, large sturdy garbage bags should be prepared, and the beverage mineral water should be prepared in sufficient quantities.

BBQ skills to remember

Usually go to eat barbecue, the boss is baked and sent to the table, it is not so easy to change to do it yourself, at least one person knows how to make charcoal fire. Fire is not to throw the match in the stove, it must be kept in the wind until the black charcoal turns into red charcoal. It is best to cut the mutton in advance and put it in a crisper. When it is at the barbecue place, it will be worn in a string. This will not only help preserve the meat but also save space.

    Some outdoor barbecuers, casually squatting on the street, no matter whether there is a safety hazard in the surrounding area, they set up a stove, smog and start a business, and will randomly put the oven and the seat in a random way. The phenomenon is very common. This not only affects the image of the city, but also seriously hinders the traffic, leaving many hidden dangers to the security incident. What is more serious is that there is still a problem of unlicensed operation, and relevant departments should strengthen supervision. Some people have gone to the forest areas, reservoir areas and other places where the country strictly prohibits barbecues, and they also carry out barbecues in a “fire” situation. These bad outdoor barbecues have not only brought a lot of inconvenience to others, but also laid a huge safety hazard for the occurrence of fires and traffic accidents.

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