Precautions when using a smokeless grill

The smokeless grill is a kind of barbecue equipment, and its core feature is smoke-free. This is also the precaution of the use of smoke-free barbecue stoves as a result of national environmental protection and urban hygiene requirements since the reform and opening up:
  1. Carefully handle it during transportation. Do not invert, side, heavy pressure or severe vibration to avoid damage. If the infrared burning plate of the smokeless grill is detached due to severe vibration and bumps, please don’t panic, just restore the board and pull the hole iron piece for the card board slightly. Put the hollow head of the board into it. Alternatively, the filament in the middle of the board can be lowered, the hollow head of the board can be placed into the round hole iron piece, and the twisted wire can be fixed.
  2. The gas grill series uses low pressure valves, and it is forbidden to use medium pressure valves or high pressure valves.
  3. When the air leak is found, the gas valve should be closed immediately and repaired before being used by the maintenance department.
  4, when grilling, should avoid arbitrarily drowning, simmering oil, to avoid dropping oil on the burning board, otherwise it will produce a certain amount of oil smoke.

Do not drink carbonated drinks such as cola when eating barbecue. Because this will lead to the loss of calcium in the human body, it will also affect the healthy development of bones.
Pay attention to the diversification of food, barbecue does not have to be mainly meat such as sausages, vegetables are also a good choice, they are rich in cellulose, which is good for the health of the digestive tract.
Beer should not be eaten with barbecue. When eating barbecue, many people like to eat barbecued beer, which is considered to be the perfect partner. In fact, this is very unhealthy. Some substances in the barbecue combined with alcohol can induce digestive diseases and even tumors.

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